Infrastructure Planning

Infrastructure and Urban Planning Context for Achieving the Visions of Integrated Urban Water Management and Water Sensitive Urban Design

Casey Furlong, … Micah Pendergast, in Approaches to Water Sensitive Urban Design, 2019

16.3.1 Infrastructure and urban planning context for IUWM and WSUD in Melbourne

Efforts to achieve IUWM/WSUD exist within a complex “Water Infrastructure Planning” and “Urban Planning” context. Decision-making and planning processes used within the water sector and the urban planning sector affect and govern changes to urban outcomes, including both urban form and infrastructure (Furlong et al., 2016c). Identifying the specific planning processes through which each of these sectors has an impact on urban outcomes is a complex task. However, there are some clear examples for each that can serve as the starting point for further exploration and discussion.

In Melbourne, the major institutions involved in urban planning are the State Government Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) (, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) (, and the 31+ municipal Local Government Areas (local councils). These institutions have a role in governing changes to Melbourne’s urban form including metropolitan planning, planning schemes, local development controls (e.g., overlays), Precinct Structure Plans, and issue-specific plans, such as urban forest and public open space strategies. The role of DELWP is to set overall state planning policies for Melbourne and Victoria. The VPA is responsible for precinct structure planning in greenfield and designated major “infill” redevelopment sites. Local municipalities are responsible for selecting the areas to which various state-specified zones will apply and for managing development approval processes. Local government planning functions are required to implement Victorian Government policies by informing, guiding, and mandating public and private actions relating to the urban development of the city.

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